"Running a course is challenging and you can not afford to ignore a tool that provides real benefits without any cost or downside. If you own or operate a golf course, you need to learn about Charitee."

Jamie Loughan-GM at Lees Hill GC

Video of a Hole-in-One Captured by the Charitee Golf Cameras!!! 

Charitee Golf uses discrete solar powered and wireless surveillance cameras to allow a golf course to offer Hole-in-One and proximity contests to every golfer, every round they play without the need of a human witness.

There is no cost, risk or downside to the course to install the Charitee System.

If you want to learn more about the Charitee Program and to understand if it is a good fit for your course, contact Mike Burkons at 216.832.6771 or email him at Mburkons@chariteegolf.net.